♫ A Solitude That Asks For Nothing In Return

A drink of water to a thirsty man, a small flame to a frozen one, and to an unloved one - a little love.

Venom's heart was too kind for the darkness of the Assassin's Guild. Unable to freeze his heart, not holding the flame of anger, he only shivered in the dark. A small flame extrened - the sympathy shown to him by his surperior Zato. At that moment, he swore his undying loyalty.

First playable In Guilty Gear X, Venom is an assassin known for his weapon of choice: a pool cue and magic billard balls.

Orginally born somewhere in England, a child was orphaned at a young age in the war between Humans and Gears known as the Crusades. The child was taken in by an Assassin's Guild and was given the name "Venom." Venom spent his childhood being trained to become an assassin by the guild, however, he despised killing. Seeing this as a weakness, the guild planned to do away with him, but this plan was stopped by a high ranking assassin who saw potential in the boy: a man named Zato-One. And in that moment, being shown kindness for the first time in his life, Venom fell in love. He swore undying loyalty to Zato, to the point that it grew closer to an obsession.

Over the years, Venom's obsession with Zato consumed his life, Zato fully aware of this, and using Venom to his advantage. Venom grew to despise Millia Rage, a fellow assassin who dated Zato one, and in turn she grew to despise him. Both of them unable to see that they were being intentionally pitted against each other by the man who abused them both. Once Zato was killed by Millia and his body taken over by the Forbidden Beast Eddie, Venom took charge of the guild and also sought out Zato's body, his hatred for Millia growing evermore now that she was responsible for Zato's death. Yet, in the timelines were Venom killed Milla in as revenge, he realized how empty he still felt. If Venom never distances himself from Zato and his life of the assassins, he would never find peace.

Luckilly, after Zato's revival, the guild planned on disolving, and Venom was given one final mission: to defeat the one known as Bedman. However, Venom, who's entire life had centered around the guild, could not imagine himself living a normal life. Seeing himself as a loose end, he decided he would allow himself to be killed by his own attack alongside Bedman when he defeats him. But an unlikely team up with Robo-Ky led to the robot saving Venom's life and helping him find new purpose after the guild's closing. Venom ends up settling down and opening a bakery, finally begining to be at peace.

There are a lot of characters where I remember the very first moment they clicked with me. Where I knew they were gonna be with me for the long haul. I don't remember that with Venom, funilly enough. I thought I would become an Anji guy, to be real, but I guess there were other plans for me. Venom was actually one of the first few GG characters I knew existed before I got into it, and I knew about him through that really funny despite being in love with a man tweet. Which is definetly one of the funnier ways i've learned about the existance of one of my favorite characters. But yeah I just woke up one day and decided that I guess I liked Venom now. and now we're here.

Within the span of a few months, Venom quickly has become one of my favorite fictional characters of all time. His struggle of his feelings towards Zato, a man he loves who only ever saw him as a pawn to be used, and turning those feelings into hate towards others Zato suffered under, to finally realizing how empty he truly feels and needing a robot clone of the king of europe to stop him from crushing himself under a giant pool ball while trying to kill a 15 year old sleeping in a giant bed mech (yes, really), to finally being able to start living a normal life as a baker. Venom is sick as hell, a character I love a lot, and he's maybe even a little gay.