Oh I just know that something good is gonna happen!

I dont know when, but just saying it could even make it happen!

Hello there! Call me Angel! Cause that's my name! I'm a 19 year old college student who's maybe a little too obessed over too many things.

I've started using neocities as a personal place for. basically whatever lol. Right now I'm going to start uploading fics here alongside my ao3/upload older fics I've made as well! I'll also probably put original writing here too! I have a lot of craft hobbies as well but starting school again has killed the amount of time I have for them, so I'm going to focus on the writing part of the site for now.

If you want to know more about myself, check my about me page! Have a wonderful day, I love you!

The Song Of The Week is Mrs. Robinson by Simon and Garfunkle


Last Major Update: 7/12/2023

Will add onto this every time a large update is made to the site (new page/work/etc)

JULY 27TH 2023: Created a Ni no Kuni Shrine!

JULY 12TH 2023: Finished adding all of my (current) ni no kuni fics onto the writing page

JULY 1ST 2023: Created my about page, created the skeletons of my shrines and writing pages + a custom 404 page.

FEBUARY 4TH 2023: First Verion of Site's homepage is done. Hello World!


List of things I need / want to do


Add more of my (non ni no kuni lol) fics to my writing page

Finish Anthy + Alime + Psycho Mantis Shrines

Look into ways to add comment sections to my fic pages

Create a list of cool sites / things / whatever. share with da world.


Think about making some kind of blog / virtual diary page

Pages for some of my non writing stuff. like art or my strive mods. or zines if i ever actually start making those

Actually learn how to use html and css lol