♫ Pieces Of A Broken Heart

It may not be perfect - but nothing is! So you make the best with what you've got!

When things go wrong, you have to try and make them right. And you have to keep on trying, no matter how hard it gets. That's what life is all about. Even when you're all alone, you can t give up. Sooner or later, someone's sure to come along. Life's never perfect, it's always changing. Meeting, farewells, happy times, sad times. You take things as they come, and you keep on going. That's just how it is.

Oh God what isn't there for me to say about Ni no Kuni.

Well, might as well start at the beginning. I first found out about NNK through what else but the old Stampylongnose and Inthelittlewood playthroughs, and instantly I fell in love. I was 9-10 years old then, which now means I've been into it for a full decade now. But I fell out of actively liking NNK in 2015, and in the ways life does, it came back to me in early 2017, a few months before I turned 13. We've been smooth sailing ever since. (Though admitedly I didn't get around to the DS game until 2022, but we won't worry about that.)

I really can't put into words how important Ni no Kuni 1 is to me. The only thing I would put on equal terms with it is Kingdom Hearts and Revolutionary Girl Utena, which if you know anything about me, is probably the highest form of praise I could give to anything. There has been rarely a day in the past 6 (!!) years that I haven't thought about NNK in some way shape or form. Ni no Kuni was my first exposure to Studio Ghibli, and to be honest, is still probably my favorite thing to come out of them. I could list a million and one examples like this, but honestly, I think you get the point. This little game about a boy becoming a wizard to save his mom has been through a lot with me, highs, lows, and anything inbetween. You might've noticed that the rest of the shrines I have are all for indivual characters, and that's because they're characters I love enough that I think are deserving of a special highlight (Anthy is straight up my favorite fictional character of all time). Well the thing is, I love Ni no Kuni so much I literally could not pick a specific character to give that spotlight to even if I wanted to!! That's how important it is to me!! (Though I do like to call myself the Allie guy, but that's neither here nor there.) I like this game a lot, and even if I conider myself a fan of the series in general, nothing is really gonna ever compare to Oliver's tale for me. I love you Ni no Kuni ❤

If this seems shorter than my other shrines, it's because I actually like nnk1 so much that I had trouble putting it into words and consicely summarizing it. lol. I'm autistic btw if you couldn't tell.

I close my eyes, and you are here

Your smiling face shines down on me

I am alone, but never lonely

You're by my side, and I can clearly see

That though the road into tomorrow is long

My mind is clear. My heart is strong

Okay now that I'm done with that, here are some various neat Ni no Kuni things

There is a posibility this is a google drive folder containing an already patched file for the english fan translation of the DS Game Ni no Kuni: Dominion of The Dark Djinn and everything else you need to play it. and if it is I would NOT encourage you to click on it and download it's contents.

Or here's a full no commentary playthrough of the ds game instead if you don't wanna play through it yourself.

Here's the entire Wrath of The White Whitch Wizard's Companion Give it a skim through. It has a bunch of really cool worldbuilding. Also it's neat. I like it.

I also write Ni no Kuni fics. Read em on Ao3 or go to the writing tab on the top of this page to go read them on here

My buddy Ruby wrote a really cool post about the implications of Magical Classism in Ni no Kuni. Read it here.

An archived version of WOTWW's English promotional site and The current japanese site for WOTWW Remastered

an archived version of the WOTWW Prima Guide that also contains interviews with major staff + concept art.

A transcription of every single Tale of Wonder in the Wizard's Comapnion. Besides The Flute Makers. I'll get around to adding that one eventually.

The tool used for ripping models from WOTWW and The tool used for ripping models from DOTDD

Here's a bunch of different Ni no Kuni Characters I like. please take these images and shake them across your screen to your heart's content

Click one of these for a random line of Oliver or Mr. Drippy Dialogue!